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I’ve been blogging for nearly 14 years, so it’s something that comes naturally. I thought I’d enjoy blogging on my website too. This blog will be about quirky historical things – odd facts and curious events – the stuff you might not have learnt about in school or from textbooks. I’m a history nerd. No other way to put it. History was my favourite subject in school, and I went on to university to obtain my BA (Hons) in History.

I have written two historical novels and both will be published in 2021. One novel is set in Italy during World War II; the other is set in the immediate aftermath of World War I and is about a topic that has long fascinated me – spirit photography. More about these two novels in future posts. I read a ton of historical fiction, and plan to do some reviews for you on this blog, too. I’ll even talk about some long-forgotten historical novels that are worth hunting down and reading.

Meanwhile, isn’t the header for this blog great? It’s from a public domain illustration called The Pied Piper of Hamelin, originally published in ‘Dramatic Lyrics,’ No. 3, 1842 in the series ‘Bells and Pomegranates.’

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