On Jacaranda Street is published! 

Yeah, published!! On Jacaranda Street is up on Amazon. I had it up a few days early, and I've had some good sales already. I'm not going exclusive with Amazon this time around. So, the delay has been because I wanted to get it up on Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, etc. 

I'll be bringing my other books across to wide distribution. I'm not a fan of Amazon at the best of times, so really want to see if 'going wide', as they say, is a better experience.

Next week, I'll be doing a newsletter to announce On Jacaranda Street is available, and this website will be getting a facelift. But I thought I'd do a quick post to explain why I'm a bit behind in announcing On Jacaranda Street is out in the world.

I'm pleased with how this novel ended up. It's around 115,000 words, and I decided to take my time with editing. I try hard to ignore the carry-on about how you should 'rapid release'. In fact, I ignore everything that social media says you should do. I don't advertise. I barely do any book promotion on social media, although I do like TikTok, and you can find me there. I don't like it when authors push their books on me and beg for reviews, so I'm not about to annoy people by doing the same. My philosophy (naive though it may be) is readers will find my books and read them if they wish.

April will be a heavy editing month for me as I have some client work, but I've been giving thought to the next writing project. You can catch up on my plans here. The next novel will be pure crime. I read a ton of crime fiction (particularly Scandinavian noir) and will take Harold Chesterfield from On Jacaranda Street and slap him on Sydney's crime-ridden streets in the late 1920s. He'll be accompanied by a police dog, Ben (also a character from On Jacaranda Street), and I'll try to keep this novel at around 70k. Can't promise, though. The story will end when it ends.

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