Work in progress 

I'm 40,000 words into my new novel (my fifth). It's a mystery/thriller/romance set in the Far North of Aotearoa New Zealand in December 2007. It's a departure for me - it's not historical fiction and there's a large dose of romance. 

Everything To Hide has had good reviews in Australia and here in New Zealand and is available via The Underground Bookstore and PaperPlus, Kerikeri. The constant need to promote books is pretty fatiguing, so I've taken my foot off the accelerator for the moment as I write this new novel. 

I had intended to write the prequel to Everything To Hide & that's coming, but I decided to do what I'm calling a palate-cleanser novel first. 

My fifth novel doesn't have a title at the moment. Well, it has several titles but I don't think any of them work.

More news in the next few weeks!

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Everything to Hide paperback

Everything to Hide paperback

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