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Ashgrove Park book cover


December 1918

Lieutenant Jack Collingwood, haunted by the ghosts of war and his brother's death, recuperates at Ashgrove Park, a stately Sussex manor.

Unsettling things have been happening there since relic hunter Lord Ashgrove returned from British New Guinea after having stolen a shaman's skull for his collection of curiosities.

The American spiritualist and medium, Madame de Clermont, is on tour in England and staying with a relative in nearby Oaks Green. She asks Jack to take photographs during her séance. The spirit images he develops reveals the shocking extent of the curse unleashed on Lord Ashgrove’s family.

While Jack faces the secrets of his troubled past and doubts his sanity, he must solve a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances before Lady Beatrice Ashgrove–the woman he loves–is threatened.

Can he save her, or will he succumb to the powerful force that walks the halls of Ashgrove Park?

What readers are saying

Lieutenant Jack Collingwood is recuperating at Ashgrove Park following the death of his brother and is trying to adjust to life after the trenches of World War I. He keeps seeing visions, is it really his dead brother or is Jack going mad? I really loved this book, the clues peppered along the way kept me guessing, the good pace of introducing characters like Lady Beatrice and the American spiritualist and the clever way the story all pulls together in the end. It's Downton Abbey meets Anzacs and the spirit world I can’t wait to see what happens to Jack in book two.

Catherine G

Where Sunflowers Grow Book Cover

He’s a political exile. She’s part of the Italian resistance. Together they will face the ruthlessness of war. Rome, 1943 – Carlo Moretti’s life changes forever when he is sent into exile to a remote Italian village. As a political student, Carlo opposes Mussolini’s Fascist government, but he loses everything and finds himself in a world that time has forgotten and where superstition still has a hold. Carlo joins the local resistance, and as German troops march into the village and an SS officer takes command, he risks his life for the woman he loves and discovers the unexpected friendship of a priest and an Allied prisoner of war. But Carlo must learn not everyone can be trusted. Where Sunflowers Grow is a story about what it takes to survive in war-torn Italy and is told through 56 vignettes.

What readers are saying

For those of us who enjoy historical fiction, this one is a gem. I read Where the Sunflowers Grow in a couple of sittings and found it hard to put down. Beautifully written, the book unfolds into an impoverished Italy during its World War II era travails, from homegrown fascism to Nazi occupation and beyond. It’s chock full of historical details that make you feel you are there. You will root for the main characters each step of the way, while hoping justice is swiftly delivered to the rotten eggs. From nail biter to romance, this tale has it all.

Giora Hadar

Cats Dogs New Cover

Find yourself sailing on a Portuguese galleon bound for Lisbon, watch the ancient library of Alexandria burn, and discover who could be trusted in ancient Egypt. This collection of forty-eight poems will take you on a journey through the cloth markets of Constantinople, to Helen's Troy and the steppes of Mongolia. Along the way, you will meet Leonardo da Vinci, Rene Descartes, Charles Darwin, Albrecht Durer, as well as the cats, dogs, and feathered gods of the ancient world.

What readers are saying

I have just re-read Cats, Dogs and Feathered Gods - truly wonderful dip into the arc of our civilization - bravo!


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La caravane de Marco Polo

On Jacaranda Street Book Cover

On Jacaranda Street will be published in:  March 2022

Ashgrove Park is the first book in the Jack and Bea Mystery series. The second book is titled On Jacaranda Street and is set in Sydney, Australia during the crime-ridden 1920s. Jack and Bea are returning from New Guinea and are en route to London when they receive a telegram from Dr. Miller. 

His wife, Madame de Clermont, is on a year-long tour of Australia where spiritualism is popular. They are staying at an inner-city Gothic-style mansion and Dr. Miller invites Jack and Bea to stay with them. 

The New South Wales police call in Dr. Miller to consult on the criminal mind after a sensational homicide of a woman in Hyde Park. What is the link between this woman, a wealthy art dealer with a murky past, and the Gothic mansion? And how will Jack and Bea help Dr. Miller to solve the crime?

Moon Silver Hill Book Cover

Moon Silver Hill will be published in:  late 2022

Description to come.