Readers around the world are buying my books! 

Well, my three books are out there in the Amazon universe (some may say vortex haha!). I had a two-week pre-order campaign that went well. It was helped enormously by the World History Encyclopedia (who I write for). They promoted my poetry book (which is based on WHE historical content) on Facebook, Instagram and in their weekly newsletter.

April 8 was publishing day and pre-orders appeared magically on Kindles (a friend in Australia sent me a pic of Where Sunflowers Grow on her Kindle). Then I found out that some lovely readers in Bangkok ordered all three of my books and they sent me a photo. How amazing is that? It's surreal to see your books "out there."

For those wondering about the mysteries of Amazon, I decided to enrol in the Kindle Direct programme - meaning my books are exclusive to KDP for 90 days and can be read free by those who subscribe. We'll see how it goes but it seems Where Sunflowers Grow is top of the list when you search "Italian romance WWII" in Books.

I'll might do a post soon on my promotional strategies.

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