How to write your fourth novel 

I'm 30,000 words into my new novel, Everything to Hide. It is a murder mystery set on an island in the Hawkesbury (Sydney, Australia). Detective Senior Sergeant Harold Chesterfield -  a major character in my third novel, On Jacaranda Street - is the star of the show.

He must figure out who killed Australia's wealthiest impresario, Roland Cuthbert Barry, on his 60th birthday. There's quite a cast of characters, and the setting is suitably Gothic (draughty old house on a remote island, a fierce storm, everyone is cut off from the mainland). It's set in 1933. 

Not sure if I'll be able to finish it by December (as was my original intention). Probably more like February but . . . in the course of writing about Roland (who's also an amateur Egyptologist and expert on mummification), another novel has come to mind. It will be a prequel of sorts to Everything to Hide and will follow Roland's exploits in Egypt right after WWI. Let's just say he was a treasure hunter, so there will be plenty of digging around in Egyptian tombs.

The working title for this novel is Dusk Over Cairo.

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