Adding colour to history one story at a time.

The past doesn’t have to be black and white.

Exciting historical adventure fiction.

Weaving what really happened in history into imagined stories that show how people survived and thrived.

What I write about:

  •  I have plenty of men in my writing, but I like to focus on strong, smart women. Women who lived in time periods when they weren't expected to have careers, weren't given the vote or seen as the equal of men, but they challenged the way things were.
  • I write about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Men and women surviving war or exploring unknown worlds. 
  • Because I live in New Zealand, there's a Kiwi character in my books or a scene or two in New Zealand.
  • I read between the lines of history, searching for those stories that remain untold.

We are not makers of history. We are made by history.

Martin Luther King Jr.

What readers are saying


 For those of us who enjoy historical fiction, this one is a gem. I read Where the Sunflowers Grow in a couple of sittings and found it hard to put down. Beautifully written, the book unfolds into an impoverished Italy during its World War II era travails, from homegrown fascism to Nazi occupation and beyond. It’s chock full of historical details that make you feel you are there. You will root for the main characters each step of the way, while hoping justice is swiftly delivered to the rotten eggs. From nail biter to romance, this tale has it all.

Giora Hadar


Ashgrove Park takes the reader to a time and place of mystery and suspense, with brilliant writing that caresses one’s thoughts and imagination. K.V. Martins weaves plot and character development in the most intricate way, that leads you from one page to the next, yearning to read onwards. This novel is filled with nuance; literary flavourings that transport you as a guest to Ashgrove Park to experience strange happenings firsthand. I found this book tremendously engaging; a work of art; highly recommended.

Ellen Davis


I don't normally read this sort of gothic/historical fiction, but I enjoyed KV Marins 'Where Sunflowers Grow' so much that I followed up with 'Ashgrove Park', first in the Jack and Bea Mystery series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, an expertly woven plot with abundant historical details. Looking forward to the next installment.

Tania Aslund

What readers are saying


I'm an advance reader of Where Sunflowers Grow - a novel set in WWII Italy. K.V.Martins has an amazing way of painting a story. I could taste the Italian food. I felt the anxiety of Italians living through the war. Loved the book.

Helder Santos 


When one of the characters in Where Sunflowers Grow was killed, I was gutted. The characters in this book were like members of my own family! The village priest was my favorite character, and I hope there's a sequel to this book. 

Priscilla Adriao


I appreciated how K.V. Martins told a story set in WWII but avoided the blood and violence. The writing is character-driven, and I became engaged with each character in Where Sunflowers Grow.  I'll be keen to read more books from this writer.

Maria Le Mesurier

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